Most frequent questions and answers

The plan is to launch during spring of 2021. Be sure to add your e-mail and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready.

Can’t wait or want more information? Send us a mail at info@ufficify.app and we’ll be in contact!

You will have the option of selecting the subscription suitable to you based on:

  • Location preferences
  • Number of employees
  • Number of monthly hours required
  • Level of service required

Subscriptions run monthly without and further strings attached.

The number of workspaces will be increased over time in order to truly enable you to have global passport to your office in the cloud.


First of all, offices run on long-term leases adopted for the world that once was. Now the world runs in short cycles. And your business needs to as well.

Secondly, Ufficify will enable you or your employees to work from multiple locations across towns, countries or continents. You/they will always have access to a suitable office when they decide to not work from home. This also opens up for recruitment on a broader candidate market and eases many of the pains related to distributed teams.

Through the team-area you will see where your teammates or colleagues are working from today, in order to decide if you want to join in and be social with them.

Thirdly, many offices that you only pay for when you use them, are far better than only having one office paid for all the time.

Our ambition is to keep pricing at a competitive level.

Depending on your subscription preferences, it might turn out that the price per hour is slightly higher than single site co-working or long-term office rentals. However, as subscriptions run monthly you will be able to fine-tune the amount of time you purchase, in order to only pay for what you use, so the total cost should be similar or lower.

This is even more true for companies with employees as they rarely spend their full days in the office, and likely less so after the pandemic.

Not to forget the freedom and flexibility gained, which significantly lowers the risk of being locked into a long-term office deal as your business evolves. This also represents a monetary value.

Our suggestion would be to try for a month and compare. We’re certain you’ll love the freedom and flexibility.

We are always interested to come in contact with the following:

  • Real estate owners wanting to develop their properties into new concepts and using the platform as a channel to the market
  • Co-working hub hosts that want to list their co-working hub on the platform for increased bookings and clients
  • Office tenants in long-term leases with excess office space who want to monetize the space and get cost coverage

See our page for property owners or contact us at info@ufficify.app and we’ll be in touch soon.