One membership.
Several office locations.

Get access to several offices, co-working spaces and meeting facilities in multiple cities through one membership.
Available through a flexible subscription or one-time purchases, for companies or individual entrepreneurs, all in one app.

Looks like office work just got disrupted..
Ufficify make work work for you again.

Unparalleled uncertainty and pace of change requires new solutions and ways to run your business. Ufficify is on a mission to improve the efficiency and experience in the way offices are rented, used and utilized. Through our Office-as-a-Service (OaaS) platform we connect the needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs for creative and collaborative space - with space available for long or short-term usage - in the most flexible way available. We enable the passport for you or your team to work from multiple locations - as much or as little as needed. Ufficify is available either through monthly subscription plans at different levels or as one-off purchases without any further strings attached.

How does it work?

Ufficify is your passport to a community of workspaces at multiple locations. Enabling you or your employees to maximize productivity and enjoyment no matter where you’re currently at. Select your subscription, create an account, download the app and select your next office. Easy as can be!

Download the app

Currently in closed beta but will be available soon on App Store and Google Play.. Share your details for an early invite!

select subscription

Sign up for a subscription or try a one-off pass. Don't worry, you can change your mind, upgrade or downgrade with very limited strings attached.

find your next office

See the nearest offices based on your current location – or find a place for longer term or at another location based on your requirements.

do your magic

Check in at the office of your choice and continue doing your magic. Use the office for a day, a week and switch as often as you like.

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